DIY Fuchsia Negative Space Flower Nail Art Tutorial: FRENCH MANICURE |

DIY Fuchsia Negative Space Flower Nail Art Tutorial: FRENCH MANICURE | Rose Pearl

Hello my Lovelies In today's nail art tutorial I will show you a beautiful flower nail art design on french manicure and a negative space nail technique. I am using fuchsia and light pink color on my natural long nails. I am using marbling tool as my dotting tool in this nail art tutorial. For most of my nail art tutorials I use DIY tools so that those who don't have nail art tools could also enjoy beautiful nails and make whatever design they like on their nails using simple DIY tools. In my nail art videos I use an eyeliner brush, toothpick, pencil, dried ball point pen and other house hold things for the details. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this nail art design idea. Matching Pedicure: If you like my art designs and you want me to do more, let me know in the comments section below and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to my channel and turn on your notifications for weekly new tutorials, tons of nail hacks and DIY tips related to nail growth and how to maintain your nails healthy, long and strong. So stay tuned... SUBSCRIBE here: I welcome all my new subscribers and I would love you all to help me promote my channel by sharing with your friends and family... I love reading your lovely comments and I really appreciate them. Stay blessed you all and have a wonderful life :) Nail Care and DIY Tips Playlist: NAIL 101- Nail Hacks Playlist: ****Important Nail Care Video To watch*** ****How I Keep my Feet Soft and Toe Nails Healthy**** ****Correct way to Cut Toe Nails**** ***My Magic Nail Growth Serum**** *****How to grow your nails Fast- Garlic Method*** ***My Nail Care Routine and Tips to Grow long and Strong Nails*** ***My Weekly Nail Care Routine*** Follow me Instagram: @rosepearlart 10% Discount Code: Beauty Big Bang : pearlart

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