DIY Small Garden Pond with Waterfall & Rock Garden

DIY Small Garden Pond with Waterfall & Rock Garden

To keep the water clear for longer periods of time I recommend using Pump with Filter kit. My recommendation: This Video Is a Step by Step Tutorial on How to Build a Small Pond for Your Garden Featuring A Pot Waterfall! • It can be completed in a day or two and is ideal for people who just want to add a small, lovely and not engaging water feature to their garden. • I didn't use a filter since I don't have fish but you can easily connect a submersible water filter to the pump. • You can get everything needed including a Waterfall Vase (Pot), Pump, Filter, Pond Liner and Underlayment, Tubing etc. at - Dispatched from US with Flat Rate shipping* - Just add rocks and pebbles :) You can add flat round rocks on the side walls to hide the liner better Materials used in the video: • Pond liner - 2 by 2 meters (Approx. 7x7 Feet) • Tubing (Hose) - 2 meters (Approx. 7 Feet) • Old Vase (Pot) - You can get a special Waterfall Vase from the link above • Water Pump - 1200 Liter per hour (264 GPH) • Rocks and Pebbles If you use the Amazon link above or in the comment section I may receive a small comission which is not going to affect your price. Thank you! Music Info: Inspiring Acoustic Uplifting Soft Background (Creative Commons) Music Link:



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