Fresh Fruit Cake Eggless Recipe | Bakery Style No Egg Fruit Cake At Ho

Fresh Fruit Cake Eggless Recipe | Bakery Style No Egg Fruit Cake At Home | Father's Day Recipe

A cake that is soft, light, moist, creamy, and filled with seasonal fruits sounds like a summer dream cake. Add some almond flakes and whipped cream and you’ve got a show stopper in your hands! Today, I teach you to make a classic, good old Fresh Fruit Cake, which is perfect for Father's Day Written recipe - Ingredients- For cake 3 cups (360gms) all purpose flour 2 teaspoon (8gms) baking powder 2 cups (570gms) yogurt 1 teaspoon (3gms) baking soda 1 + ½ cup (150gms) castor sugar 1 cup (120ml) vegetable 0il 2 drops almond extract Zest of 1 orange Filling ½ cup (100gms) granulated sugar ¼ cup (60ml) water 1 + ½ cup fresh fruit Frosting 2 cups (460ml) whipping cream ¼ cup (30gms) cream cheese 1 tsp (5ml) vanilla To assemble Fresh fruit Flaked almonds For glaze 1 tbsp (20ml) corn syrup 1 tbsp (15ml) water How to whip cream - Product Links - Turntable - Induction stovetop - Corn syrup - Almond flakes - Almond extract - For written recipes, visit - Follow me on Instagram - . Follow me on Facebook - . Follow me on YouTube - Follow me on Pinterest - . Fresh fruit cake, eggless fruit cake, how to make fruit cake, eggless cakes, frosted cakes, fresh fruit cake design, fresh fruit cake recipe, fresh fruit cake online, fresh fruit cake at home, fresh fruit cake cream, eggless fresh fruit cake at home, eggless recipes, celebration cake recipes, fathers day recipe ideas, fathers day cakes, bakery style fruit cake, eggless baking channels, fresh mango pineapple cake, how to make bakery style cakes at home, how to make whipped cream frosting

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