Basic Crochet Top // Crochet Top Tutorial

Basic Crochet Top // Crochet Top Tutorial

Updated Simple Crochet Top Tutorial Hi there, I decided to remake the tutorial for this simple crochet top design because I needed to make this as a base in order to complete my next design - okay, that doesn't make sense. Basically, I wanted to update my simple crochet top tutorial so that you have a more solid understanding of my next crochet top design; which incorporates a simple crochet top design as it's base... Anyway, I'm sorry if this tutorial goes pretty fast, but it was a last minute decision to make this tutorial & I have another tutorial for the same exact design anyway, so I thought I would just upload this as a refresher. However, if you are new to crochet and are looking for a more beginner friendly tutorial on this design, please visit the link above for a much more easy-to-follow tutorial. Thank you, & happy crocheting! FAQ: ♢ What size hook did you use? ♢ - Size 5mm ♢ What is the yarn weight? ♢ - 4 ♢ How much yarn did you use? ♢ - 1020yd/918m ♢ How long did it take you to make? ♢ - I'm not sure, I work on projects over a couple of days because I'm busy. I would say around 2 hours total ♢ Can I buy your tops? ♢ - No, I do not sell the tops I make. ♢ Do you have a written copy of the pattern? ♢ -No, I make up my design as I go along and then narrate the video afterwards so that you can better understand my thought process ♢How do you wash your tops? ♢ - Wash by hand, hang dry ♢Do you wear anything under? ♢ - Usually I do not. If I feel that something will show, however, I sew in a layer of fabric or padding ♢How many chains/ rows did you make? ♢ -Unless I state it in the video, I did not keep track of how many I made. I make up the pattern as I go and make as many chains and rows I feel will fit my body. ♢ Can you help me with/ I am confused/ I don't understand... - You can ask your questions in the comments below for others to answer. I have concluded my offer for online tutoring and will no longer respond to ANY messages regarding crochet questions, charts, patterns, tips, etc. I'm retired(: * I just wanted to post this because there have been a number of wonderful people tagging me in their crochet posts and messaging/ commenting on how much I have helped them. I just wanted to give back(: Also, I've had this tutorial on my computer for a while haha But normally I won't make crochet top tutorials until my last one reaches 1k likes. Remember, I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY CROCHET QUESTIONS ON ANY OF MY VIDEOS OR SOCIAL MEDIA. I will not allow myself to be a free online personal tutor. It was stressful ???? Feel free to ask your question in the comments & if you can, answer other people's questions (much appreciated) but know that I only provide this tutorial and any additional help will come with a charge (so people don't take advantage of me, get help from me, and then take my design and sell them on their website as their own [ aughh ] ) MY INFO: Instagram: @krystaleverdeen Tumblr: Facebook: Crocheting for Beginners Video: How to Crochet a Cup Other tutorials: ☆.。.:*・°☆.SOCIAL MEDIA ☆.。.:*・°☆.。 INSTAGRAM WEBSITE



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